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This is a list of some helpful Tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own to this list!

General tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you see a player heading for you, do not stay near unless you see the how their speed depends on the number of RPMs they had gained, if you see a player fast but not sure how fast, look at the color of their numbers of RPMs, if it is aqua, green, etc. do not stay near unless your color is much higher from purple to red, another way is to look in the leaderboard, if someone or more people are in a higher rank than you had, do not stay near anybody with that name.
  • When to players fight you watch, then when the battle is over take all the exp you can, you can also do it during the battle; safer waiting the battle out
  • When you are in a unfair 1v any try to go to a booster then turn the opposite way, sometimes the place will continue going the same way and other times they will see you. It all depends on your timing

Points[edit | edit source]

The formula for calculation of the experience gained is unknown, but it can be estimated using the following formula with very high precision:

Experience = Time[seconds]*0.154*ln(Max RPM),

where ln(.) is the natural logarithm. For example, if time alive is 210 seconds, max RPM is 996, then we can expect to gain 210*0.154*ln(996) = 223 experience.

Therefore number of kills or overall points gained does not matter as much as time alive and maximum points gained. The following table shows the multiplier (0.154*ln(Max RPM)) for different values of Max RPM:

Max RPM Multiplier XP after 10 minutes XP after 60 minutes
100 0.71 426 2556
500 0.96 576 3456
1000 1.06 636 3816
5000 1.31 786 4716
10000 1.42 852 5112
15000 1.48 888 5328
20000 1.53 918 5508

Based on these numbers gaining ~5000 max RPM and spending as much time alive as possible results in reasonable amount of xp.